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2017 D Johnson Happy Camp (2).png




What We Do...

Island Film Group is the largest production company in Hawaii and offers a complete range of services from production and co-production, to production services, drone/tracking vehicle and post production services.

  • Budgets: Film, Television and Commercial
  • Production Management: DGA UPMs, Production Supervisors and Coordinators
  • Locations: All Islands
  • Permits: State and County Film Permits (all islands including drone permits)
  • Crew: ATL and BTL
  • Payroll: Union and Non-Union
  • Insurance: Production, Drone and Location Insurance
  • Equipment: Grip, Lighting and Camera Equipment through our partner Hawaii Media
  • Drones Services: Gryphon Cine-Master, Cine-Master XL, Cine-Master XXL, Shotover G1 and Movi Pro Gimbals, and all DJI drones up to the M600 Pro through our partner HiMotion Cinema
  • Cranes: Motocrane, Super Technocrane, Shotover G1 and Movi Pro Gimbals through our partner HiMotion Cinema
  • Post Production: Offline, Online, Coloring, VFX
  • Travel: Hotel and Airline Discounts
  • Foreign Worker Visas Waivers: Available to residents of visa waiver countries for specific projects
  • Production Facilities: Production Offices, Stage/Mill, Laundry Facilities
  • Government Liaison: State, County and DoD
  • Tax Credit: Hawaii Production Tax Credit Administration
  • Financing: Tax Credit, Debt and Equity
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