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Tax Credit


Tax Credit

Hawaii Production Tax Credit

Hawaii offers a 20% - 25% production tax credit for film, television and commercial productions with at least $200k in qualified expenditures

  • Local Expertise

Island Film Group has filed over 75 Hawaii production tax credit claims, more than any other company. 

Prior to forming Island Film Group, its principals were partners at one of Hawaii's oldest and largest law firms and were instrumental in the drafting and passage of the Hawaii production tax credit legislation. 

  • Administration

Services include:

Reviewing and filing of the Hawaii Production Registration with the Hawaii Film Office

Advising on the structuring of the production to maximize qualified expenditures and minimize Hawaii tax exposure

Advising production of record keeping procedures to quickly and accurately prepare the Hawaii Production Report

Reviewing and filing of the Hawaii Production Report with the Hawaii Film Office

Responding to any questions from the Hawaii Film Office regarding the Hawaii Production Report

Preparing and filing of the Hawaii tax return

  • Financing

Island Film Group is the only company that provides financing of the Hawaii production tax, allowing productions to access the benefits of the tax credit without waiting the 9-12 month it typically takes to receive the State of Hawaii tax refund.